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The Ripple Effect


  • Wield greater influence

  • Increase impact 

  • Enjoy more ease

Carambolage customers save time, effort and worry every morning, selecting from their private mini-lines of mix-and-match clothing – made to their exact specifications! Dressed in exclusive, one-of-a kind outfits, they take control of first impressions, keeping people’s focus on their message, mission and competence.

  • Are you an extraordinary woman who wants a wardrobe to support your career and your essence?

  • Do you take as much pride in your personal image as in your accomplishments?

  • Do you want clothes which reflect your stature while completely expressing your personal style?

Carambolage's select customers are in the hands of master tailor Julie Browne from start to finish. Every step of the process throughout the building of their exclusive clothing lines receives Browne’s absolute, undivided attention to the detail and to the whole.


Women are naturally beautiful in one-of-a-kind outfits, designed in their most flattering styles, and made in their best colors and proper size. Carambolage customers feel comfortable and confident, and the world responds!

How It Works
  • For Custom Design products, email Tailor Browne for application

  • For Knock Off reproduction, send your favorite garments via snail mail 

  • Wardrobes created by Carambolage, designed by you, in colors, fabrics, and styles or your choice


Leveraging the Power of Personal Image 

Creating Competitive Edge

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