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Architecture of a Blouse

Your Body as Foundation and Frame

What’s Behind Design?

...Your Deepest Desires 


Carambolage manipulates imagine through design. We celebrate feminine curves while your success, confidence and power gently radiate. You're smart. You're competent. You're composed and comfortable.

And there's no stopping you buy power through imagine manipulation!


Pleasing art is based on proportion used correctly. Fashion design is no different. With exclusive access to Carambolage, clothing design principles make you appear to have the golden ratios used by artists for centuries. We accentuate your body's strengths and minimize challenges.


Our mission is to bring focus 

  • To your face and message

  • Away from your body

  • So your message is always clear


Our button-down business wear blouse line is engineered for large-busted women who are generally hard-to-fit. We provide a dignified look with perfect fit and unparalled comfort. Carambolage styles are flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.


Sleeveless Evening Styles


Ultra-feminine afterhours blouses, fit to your every curve while non-revealing, are the definitive poise statement for business-affiliated special events. A second skin, they gently support your figure with comfort and flattery. Through design manipulation, you can accentuate your bust, or diminish it to blend into your torso.


  • Sweetheart Neckline

  • Scalloped V-Neck

Follow these two steps to design the button-down blouse which will get you ahead in business, by balancing proportions while feeling like you're in a second skin.


If you’re free from proportion challenges, all style combinations are fun and flattering, and you may want to add variety with different sleeve lengths (short, elbow, 3/4, 7/8).


1. Choose between a raglan or set-in sleeve based on


  • You have broad shoulders

  • You have narrow shoulders 

  • You have large arms


  • Full-length raglan sleeves

    • Slenderize and lengthen arms

    • Minimize broad shoulders

    • Are not recommended for women with narrow, sloping shoulders


  • Set-in sleeves

    • Broaden narrow, sloping shoulders

    • Women with broad shoulders also look great in set-in sleeves, provided shoulders are not excessively broad 

    • Are not recommended for women with full arms 

2. Choose sleeve shapes based on


  • You have extra-long, slender arms  

  • You have shorter arms and want them to look longer and slimmer

  • You have slim hips and want to balance hips with bust and shoulders (while appearing to have a smaller waist!)

  • You have curvy hips with no need to accentuate 

Sleeve Shape Choices


Clockwise, starting from left-hand top corner


  • Full-Length Tapered Raglan

    • Minimize broad shoulders

    • Lengthen and slenderize arms


  • Fitted and Flared Set-In Bell

    • Helps shorten long arms

    • Makes waistline appear smaller


  • Full-Length Bishop Set-In sleeves with wide cuffs 

    • Camouflage long, slender arms

    • Balance out slim hips

    • Make waistline appear smaller


  • Full-Length Bishop Raglan 

    • Minimize broad shoulders

    • Lengthen and slenderize arms

    • Balance slim hips with bust and shoulders 

    • Make waistline appear smaller


Carambolage Customers - Leveraging the Power of Choice

Manipulating Personal Image to their Benefit

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