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Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Service


  Why name a tailoring business Carambolage?

  • Improved image results in unforeseen, positive outcomes. Dressing well leads to feeling good. Feeling good produces positive energy, to which people respond in fortuitous ways.

  • Carambolage is a term derived from billiards pertaining to the catalytic event caused by the movement of one ball. In Colombia, it's used in a happy idiom, celebrating one action producing a chain reaction of positive, unplanned events. Our mission is to create limitless carambolage for our customers.


  What do we offer?

  • Classic bespoke jackets

  • Knockoffs of favorite garments

  • One-of-a-kind mini-fashion lines​ (3 - 7 coordinating pieces), designed by you, meticulously fit to your body, in the fabric and colors of your choice

  • On-site appointments scheduled in your city

  • Couture/bespoke quality workmanship

  • Guaranteed satisfaction





 What is the cost for services?

  • Please call to discuss package options.

 How is customer satisfaction ensured?

  • We plan ahead and avoid rush jobs.

  • We leave no stone unturned in the design phase.

  • We schedule adequate time for design, fitting, and delivery appointments.

  • Customer is willing and able to commit the time and personal involvement inherent in being the fit model for one-of-a-kind, couture/bespoke clothing production.

  • Customer has read, understood, and agrees to participate in 'The Journey of Couture' as described on the webpage, and entered into written contract detailing terms of service, ensuring fair and mutual protection.

  • It's recommended that prospect read the book HOW TO GET INSTANT TRUST, BELIEF, INFLUENCE AND RAPPORT! Five Steps to Creating a Signature Wardrobe to Gain Competitive Edge, by Julie Browne.


One Action Creating A Chain Reaction


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