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Dress with Confidence & Joy


The fastest, easiest, and most economical way to make dressing fun, easy, and maximize a wardrobe is to have mix and match items. The easiest way to do this is to buy clothes from lines. Lines are made in coordinating fabrics, maintain a cohesive style, and all items work together


Carambolage produces classic mini-lines which celebrate colors and curves. Line packaging allows flexibility while ensuring each purchase becomes a wardrobe workhorse. 


Line production starts with a minimum of three garments. The more garments in a line, the more versatile the line is, so the lower the cost-per-wear. Products look great, feel terrific, and last for years. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


By wearing properly fitting outfits, in colors and styles becoming to you and your profession, Carambolage guarantees a pathway to


  • Eliminating wardrobe distractions impacting credibility

  • Feeling your best, most beautiful and powerful

  • Drawing focus to your face and words

  • Having people hear your message more clearly

  • Getting instant trust, belief, influence and rapport!


Give your irreplaceable, threadbare, workhorse garments a phoenix re-birth!

Carambolage produces knockoffs of your favorite garments in the colors and fabrics of your choice.

This option requires no fittings and is done by sending garments through snail mail. 

Custom Mini Lines

This is the luxury level product, where Master Tailor and Customer design and produce your handmade signature wardrobe pieces. 

This product involves in-person fittings in your city. 

Women who chose this product take their life to a new level. They obtain the freedom to 'package' themselves using the one thing over which they have absolute control - how they dress.

This option transforms desire into material expressions of unconditional self-love. Derailed mornings are exchanged for wardrobes filled with intimate treasures of comfort, beauty and passion. 

The frustration of nagging thoughts about appearance disappear. You feel comfortable, confident and beautiful, and the world responds!

Customers of this product line are accepted by application. Please email Tailor Browne to request application. 

Carambolage - a term derived from billiards -

the catalytic event pertaining to the movement of one ball


Carambolage - pertaining to a wardrobe capsule - 

(a group of garmets which mix and match)


A capsule of 5 garments (1 suit, 1 'dress' (2-piece), 1 trouser)

makes 6 unique combinations


Add another suit and get 8 new looks (= 7 pieces)

making 14 total combinations 


Add 1 more blouse (= 8 pieces)

you have at least 16 more combinations (30 total)


A capsule of 9 garments (3 blouses, 2 jackets, 3 skirts and 1 trouser) makes at least 42 unique combinations!

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