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Business Vision

Happy clients enjoying the ease of custom wardrobes, 

filled with professionally enhancing clothes,

who go out into the world,

and with their poise and brilliance, make change happen.

Julie Browne 

I create experiences helping people embrace strength and beauty.

Jock Julie Turned Bespoke Browne

with an In-Between and Afterward


Never treating tradition as policy, Julie Browne, MPH, LCSW, Master Tailor, Author, Speaker, Coach, forges new territory as her heart leads the way.


She’s forced boys to let her play in 'their' sports games, gotten lost overnight backpacking – at age 11, traipsed off to Africa and Latin America solo, participated in voluntary school desegregation, been the only girl on her high school soccer team, thrived while surviving a year abroad, self-designed her high school, undergraduate, and two graduate degrees, earned her Seth Godin altMBA, developed an ear for foreign accents, made eating brown rice and vegetables for breakfast a habit – 28 years ago, drove Edward Teller the day after the movie The Day After, schlepped her first river raft guide up into her boat after he’d fallen out of his, and never flipped or wrapped a boat, and in her role as bilingual medical social worker, put the magic sauce in high conflict family-medical treatment team conferences, moving all parties onto the same page. Julie does what it takes to do as she sees fit.


In Colombia, South America, Julie saw first-hand, devastation caused by social inequality, leading her to a career path in public health. She also became enchanted with crisis intervention and added social welfare. This was fortunate; Julie lacks the patience and poise necessary to support public health’s inherent political wrangling, and she thrived as a social worker.


A constellation of events later gifted Julie her beloved apparel patternmaking teacher, Simmon, and the actualization of her buried teen dream of being a master tailor. During this, she had time to be Mom. She recently moved far from everyone she knows and is creating new adventures, exalting lessons learned in the service of others, to help people greet with open arms the stranger that was themselves.


Julie’s also taken on the cause to move home-sewers out of hiding – you can join her on this quest by reading her book Clothing, Mindset & Value: Achieving freedom to dress with confidence and joy, 2016. 

The Carambolage Mission

To help clients gain greater traction in their work because people afford them more respect, take them more seriously. People focus on their ideas and abilities, accept and seek their leadership.


Their personal image is immaculate. It portrays an attention to detail which directly translates to their competency. It engenders trust and confidence in others. This opens doors of opportunity to further their greatest goals, expanding the limits of what is possible. By dressing sharp, clients create laser focus on their projects, leading to quicker and better results.

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