Why is The Classic Navy Suit a Big Deal?

Color has unconscious psychological effects. Blue engenders a sense of trust, just as red transmits feelings of passion and sensuality. In black, one appears somber and austere. Since business seeks client trust, this makes blue the go-to color in business. Beyond color, the fit must be right, or the effect of confidence and trust can be lost. A poorly fit suit says "I'm only willing to half-way follow rules."

If you'll have just one navy suit, buy it in a more casual fabric. You can pair the jacket with other trousers and jeans and get triple mileage. If you're adding another navy suit to your wardrobe, consider midnight blue in a formal fabric. You'll have a high powered business suit that can also be used for a black tie event; simply wear black tie attire with the navy suit.

Check out the article below for more ideas.


classic navy suit.jpg

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