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The Carambolage Experience

Whether your dream wardrobe is one filled with timeless classics, avant-garde, or anything in between, Carambolage integrates good taste with personal preference. Carambolage mini-lines are unsurpassed in beauty, functionality and style, because they're built to work just for you. Our clothing transcends ready-to-wear choices with exclusive designs for the discerning customer.


Looking great is effortless. And you can feel the difference. Each investment piece touches you evenly all over, feeling like a second skin. Designed to impress, Carambolage apparel fits perfectly, is made in your best colors and styles, and offers a lifetime of enjoyment. Made from highest quality textiles with clean lines, Carambolage clothing makes you the center piece, supported by your elegant touch of taste


Carambolage wardrobes are built from the same foundation as renowned French fashion – haute couture patternmaking using individual customer measurements and desires. Carambolage’s innovative design system incorporates customer-centered design details into every outfit. It’s the perfect choice for solving the busy woman’s image concerns, with emphasis on choice, fit and convenience. Our in-home design sessions eliminate time spent shopping, getting alterations, and starting your day derailed, standing in front of the closet with heart-sink dressing dilemmas.


The Carambolage experience is so fresh and practical you’ll wonder how you managed without it. Endlessly mix and match outfits across your color-coordinated, personal best style lines. Carambolage mini-lines build upon each other, exponentially increasing dressing options for a nonstop dressing with confidence and joy.


Our professional button-down blouse collection features solutions for the hard-to-fit, voluptuous woman. Blouses accentuate feminine curves, highlighting a picturesque small waist while gracefully covering areas of fullness, with buttons laying flat across the bust, and just the right amount of ease to skim comfortably over the hips.


After your Carambolage blouse line, design your first Carambolage mini-line. Made in neutrals, these foundation pieces can be endlessly mixed and matched with other wardrobe favorites. Or, splurge on accent-colored suits and take advantage of the power of color!                              

Carambolage - One Action Creating a Chain Reaction of Events

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