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The Journey of Couture

Designing the Dream Wardrobe  

Welcome to the exciting and liberating Journey of Couture. Get ready to take charge of your personal image like never before! Hop on board as we co-create a fit-like-a-glove, one-of-a-kind, gorgeous wardrobe! Enjoy the freedom to express the dynamic new you. This experience is like none other.


Fifty-plus years ago, in the heart of Calcutta, Tailor Browne's Paris-trained teacher, Simmon Sethna, made evening gowns for ambassador's wives. "Designs came (from her) like a flowing fountain." Wearing endless "newest creations," she was the star of every party. Customers rushed to her shop to be the first to have her latest design. And she had tea once a month with Mother Theresa and gave her donation. 


Tailor Browne uses the same age-old haute couture methods to build contemporary wardrobes for professional women. Her customers, making their mark in the world, enjoy leveraging the power of image to create competitive edge. Their image makeovers draw people in while their words capture rapt attention.


Carambolage, donating five percent of every sale to Hesperian Foundation (a publishing company supporting world health and social change), helps translate and distribute their latest book – Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety, a book addressing the needs of garment, shoe and electronics workers. This is Couture Carambolage’s action creating a chain reaction.


What carambolage will your Journey of Couture create?


Couture is collaboration - communication of ideas and expectations. Couture is artistic expression manifested through highest caliber craftsmanship. It's the path to creating your signature image, and the path to achieving freedom to dress with confidence and joy.


Steps which get a garment onto the rack in a store, be it in Chanel or Walmart, are the steps we'll take together. The Carambolage difference – you are designer, fit model and customer, all in your own home! Tailor Browne is your private master tailor. This is Your Journey of Couture.


To get started, please, take time and let yourself dream...


  • of the formerly elusive product – pants that fit!...

  • and...

  • your most enhancing jacket, celebrating feminine curves...

  • your best blouse, the one which fits so well you don't know you're wearing it...

  • your favorite styles of skirts and little black dresses, all in your favorite colors! 


What is it you want and cannot find on the rack? Is it color, size, style, fabric weight or composition, a particular detail, quality?  These yearnings guide the design session. Your job – ask for what you want. Carambolage's job – create it. Let desire catch fire!  Your dream wardrobe is on its way!


Designing Your Mini-Fashion Line 

Patternmaking and Final Design Decision-Making

Your initial in-home design sessions include 2- 3 sessions over a 2- 4 day period. Customers allow ample time for each appointment. Stopping the clock allows creativity to emerge. Creativity is fluid. It involves problem-solving. We savor the creative process. This is your meandering Journey of Couture. In time, it delivers your desired quality, comfort, and fit, through an experience of a lifetime. 


Take the afternoons off work for our sessions. Pamper yourself. We are thorough and leave no stone unturned. This is the Journey of Couture. Everything has meaning, everything is connected, everything has impact. Because couture is all about luxury of choice, there are no givens. This requires time. The Journey of Couture is a process which evolves over time and experimentation.

In the industry, this process is called design and patternmaking. We make paper patterns for each garment, from which muslin sample garments are cut and sewn. Muslin garments, used for fit and design purposes, provide data to refine paper patterns. This process is repeated any number of times until a production pattern (final paper pattern) is developed, from which the fashion fabric is cut.

Original design decisions morph as your vision comes into reality. As you, the fit model, are being fitted, you’re also designer! You’ll communicate fit and design ideas and concerns and adjustments are incorporated. This is the Journey of Couture. In the end, you'll have been part of every measurement, seam, and silhouette decision – the garment will become part of you.

Carambolage - The Ripple Effect - One action - taking a set of personal measurements - to having your dream wardrobe - to the vibrations of your mark in the world reaching... just how far...?

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